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Public transports in Rome - Underground, rails, buses, tram

Here you can find some informations about the public transports in Rome, and some maps of the centre of Rome, of metro and bus and other.
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The underground network in Rome consists of 3 lines.
The line A, from Anagnina to Battistini, line B from Rebibbia to Laurentina, line B1 (a branch of the B line) goes from Bologna to Jonio.
The metro A and B intersect at Termini station.


To  complete public transportation there are buses, the tram network and especially the regional railways that across the city and beyond, going to cover a large part of the urban space. Despite having a lower frequency than the subway (about one train every 15 minutes), the Regional railways are of fundamental importance in Rome.

The Fr1 which runs from Fiumicino to Fara Sabina, the Fr2 from Tivoli to Tiburtina, the Fr3 from Viterbo to Roma Ostiense, the Fr4 from Albano (Castelli Romani) to Termini, the Fr5 from Civitavecchia to Termini station, the Fr6 from Frosinone to Termini station, FR7 from Latina to Termini station, Fr8 from Neptune to Termini station. Finally, the Leonardo Express train that goes directly from Fiumicino to Termini

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