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Villa Borghese in the summer is the most beautiful cinema in Rome
07 July 2015

Villa Borghese in the summer is the most beautiful cinema in Rome

To remember the role of the city of Rome in the Italian cinema in Villa Borghese opened air cinema, totally free, to see 70 films in an exceptional location throughout the summer.

Until 6 September, from Monday to Sunday, you can see 70 movies in a giant screen made available to all, to see films of the best national and international genres that cinema offers. The topics covered by the choice of the films are the most different are those related to Expo 2015, to the heroes who have shaped the history and to the superheroes who conquer our present every day, even many auteur films and many others are present those that tell Italy.

The festival begins each week with screenings of films capable of telling the history of Italy, with the typical traditions of each part of the peninsula, from north to south, the hopes, difficulties and changes that history has brought, all represented by scenes that they remain in the hearts of many and characters that have shaped the history of cinema.

The second day of the week is dedicated to the projections that tell the pop music, jazz and rock with documents, biographies and histories of the great myths of the music of a world wide.

The sets made of beautiful movie sets and in theater are the protagonists on Wednesday, sets that have lent the scene of the most beautiful and exciting voices of Italian opera from Pavarotti Placido Domingo.

On Friday came the superheroes, and they were chosen 9 who managed to give a boost to modern cinema. The Dark Knight, X-men, Captain America are just some of those chosen for the exhibition.

Is the day of the cowboy West with their battles in the deserts and adventures in Saloon becoming the theater of stories that belong to one of the genre's most trusted panorano international film.

Until July 11, there is a special week dedicated to the Festival of African film about dreams and hopes of a people who have had to struggle with different realities that have characterized and which are recounted in major films.

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