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Tissot si mostra per la prima volta a Roma, al Chiostro del Bramante
06 October 2015

Tissot si mostra per la prima volta a Roma, al Chiostro del Bramante

The Chiostro del Bramante has chosen to dedicate an exhibition to French painter James Tissot, who will be in Rome, until February 21, 2016.

James Tissot, painter 800 tells in his paintings, filled with impressionist influences, the life of the upper class star of the Industrial Revolution; paintings depicting moments of daily life free from monotony and rich in originality, the painter wanted to tell her as if they were heroic and extraordinary.

The Chiostro del Bramante showcases 80 works, a little known artist from important international museums such as the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and the Tate in London. Among the works chosen to represent the creativity of the artist are "Captain's Daughter", "The Daughter of the Warrior" capable of revealing the artistic talents of Tissot, one of a colorist fashion-conscious and inserting traits mystical and sentimental in every work.

The exhibition is divided into nine sections, Tissot designed to tell the artistic life of a painter who has put in his works passions, fears and influences from society and intrigued by his personality.

An artistic journey that talks about the beginning of his professional life in Paris where he puts the woman in a central location making it unreachable between mystery and desire; one can see the first changes after a few years, with the arrival in London, the painter changes its inspiration the protagonists of his works become bourgeois painted with irony and you can see the passion for engraving.

Another fundamental feature is for fashion visible especially in the works of the late nineteenth century, when his muse Kathleen Newton made him sentimental and attentive to the customs of the British bourgeoisie, paying attention to the details of the models and of each tissue.

The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 and the ticket office closes one hour before. And is possible to buy tickets at a cost of 13 Euros including audio guide or take advantage of the many discounts available. For groups guided tours are available in foreign languages and children can choose to see the show through educational workshops and interactive tours.

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