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The Yoga Festival in Rome
01 September 2015

The Yoga Festival in Rome

In the heart of the beautiful Villa Pamphili in Rome to be held from 11 to 13 September, the Festival of Yoga. A weekend of seminars, conferences and free clips to learn about the new frontiers of the disciplines increasingly popular, an event to accompany all in search of well-being.

Yoga is a discipline become a fundamental support to re-establish a balance between body and mind, and in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, a way to appreciate and take advantage of what nature gives us more positive.

The festival is designed to present enthusiasts and novices, this discipline, an event to get to know every aspect of deepening, but it is also a moment of exchange and dialogue among its many shades and new frontiers.

Free Class, lectures of the best teachers, a library theme in which to document, restaurant and an area dedicated to the smallest, are the initiatives of the Yoga Festival in Rome which also includes a section dedicated to the most important and prestigious schools of Yoga.

Nutrition, meditation and convenience stores to find the best products on the market for body care and not only puts you in a unique dimension within one of the most picturesque locations in Rome: Villa Pamphili, the same as that offered during the summer, free yoga classes.

The underlying theme of the initiative this year is the ''Art of Healing", understood as a cure for all those moments of stress away, every day, the search for balance needed to live in the best way.

The Rome Yoga Festival opens its doors on September 10 with an opening ceremony in collaboration with the Museum MaXXi that offers a lesson in Silent Yoga; through headphones wi-fi you can hide away from any noise and immerse themselves in a unique dimension guided only by the voice of the teacher. You can participate in this free event booking himself only online.

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