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The Roman Forum in Rome beautiful by day and by night
22 April 2016

The Roman Forum in Rome beautiful by day and by night

The Roman Forum and the Palatine Forum can be visited in the night from April 21 through a light installation that has made him one of the most beautiful Italian archaeological sites and possibly the world. On June 5, also from 9:00 to 15:30 Imperial Forums will be open free of charge to all surfaces of the culture thanks to an initiative linked to the Lazio Region project that offers the possibility, once a month, the museums in all culture lovers.

The guided tour of the Roman Forum is an opportunity to know the heart of Roman civilization that gave birth to his city and from which sprang to life the entire culture, in all its forms, from the religious to the political one, until you get to the heart of commercial activity button.

Roman forum
The Roman Forum was, initially, a swamp located between the seven hills that surround Rome since antiquity, reclaimed only after the seventh century began to be for the Roman people the focal point of daily life in this population.

This part of ancient Rome was used to build the first buildings that housed primarily the political, religious and administrative and, in time, space began to be insufficient to accommodate all its protagonists.

After long years there are many buildings that allow us to imagine moments of an ancient daily life as, for example, the Basilica Emilia, the temple of Janus, Saturn and the Arch of Septimius Severus, the most fascinating element, it is definitely given by some residues of a pavement left to the Romans by the Etruscans.

The inscriptions, today, have given the opportunity for archaeologists and historians to place the flooring around the 12th century B.C.; the diversity of trussed materials allows to place the pieces found in different environments: the churches, the temples, the underground tunnels until you get to the most precious, belonging to the noble families of the time.

Forum Palatine
The palatine Forum is that part of the Roman Forum that starts near the famous Arch of Titus and that took its name, since its origins, the "squared Rome" because of its shape. Wanting to give a tradition in this part of the Forum is easier to bind her to the religious fact is the seat of many cults and, for this, we can find a greater number of homes of the rich Romans and the imperial palaces, but this is undoubtedly the Domus Flavia, the most beautiful, because it features beautiful frescoes.

And is here that there are the temples of Juno and Vesta and the Temple of Victory wedged in the beautiful remains of Livia's house and that of Augustus.

Holes in the Night
With the arrival of Spring and after the birthplace of Rome, the Eternal City offers the opportunity to visit the Roman Forum and the Palatine court in the company of the moon. Until 28 October, thanks to a lighting system installed in 2012, will be able to visit this place in a completely charming atmosphere between LED lights, to make this magnificent part of beautiful Rome, both day and night.

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