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09 June 2015

The fireworks of Castel Sant'Angelo

by Annalisa G+

Rome offers a unique spectacle, one of the fireworks of Castel Sant'Angelo to an ancient tradition that can light up a party skies above Trastevere.

On June 29, in honor of the patron of the city, Saints Peter and Paul will be able to watch the fireworks display over Castel Sant'Angelo.

The tradition began in past centuries, to celebrate Pope Sixtus IV and his pontificate, why Michelangelo Buonarroti thought of turning this perfected later by Bernini who modified the visual effect, improving the operation during movement.

The fireworks of Castel Sant'Angelo over time becomes an event that began to attract many spectators from all over Italy and Europe, all leaving for Rome to attend this fireworks display, turning the fact it was meant for citizenship one time free for all the people of Rome.

Some equipment placed on the top of Castel Sant'Angelo allow the ignition of rockets, mixed with various types of fireworks, drew shapes in the sky bright and colorful. In 1834 it was put an end to this tradition because the loud explosions were damaging stucco and interior decorations.

Today, new technologies, have made it possible to restore the tradition of creating fireworks safely, technicians and designers propose, even this year, fires colored renaissance that will leave from five points, generating nearly a thousand shapes in the sky between fountains and Roman candles for a show about forty minutes.

To attend this wonderful show can position itself in the bridges adjacent to that of Castel Sant'Angelo, as Ponte Vittorio Emanuele or Ponte Principe Amedeo, but also the height of Lungotevere Tor di Nona and the Tiber Altoviti.

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