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The Capitoline Museums offer a different gaze on the works of Raphael
27 October 2015

The Capitoline Museums offer a different gaze on the works of Raphael

The Capitoline Museums from October until January 10, 2016, offering its exhibition space to artists such as Raphael, Parmigianino and Barocci for an exhibition entitled "Metaphors of the Gaze".

For the occasion were collected paintings, prints and drawings of artists and putting well, comparing the look of Parmigianino and Barocci of Raphael; a way to focus on two different views of the same subject, analyzing different experiences and different cultural environments, which characterized the life of these italian artists.

Parmigianino and Barocci, regarded as the heirs of art by Raphael, are analyzed and compared chiaroscuro, drawings and paintings, which at the time were already considered an example of artistic innovation.

The ratio of Parmigianino and Raphael seems to be of a spiritual nature, linked to a legend that told how the soul of Raphael had become, after his death, one with the soul of the artist youngest, while Barocci binds to Raphael thanks to the same source that would have united their arts, in some elements, their arts that still appear to be innovative and original.

Paintings and posters were presented by the most important Italian Galleries and Museums International to make this exhibition an interesting path between different points of view of three artists who, with their works, seem to talk to each other and understand each other at a glance.

The cost of the exhibition "Metaphors of the Gaze" is 15 € and the Capitoline Museums will be open daily from 9:30 to 19:30, you can enjoy the specially reduced and every first Sunday of the month you can visit the exhibition free of charge, except the new exhibition space of Ara Pacis.

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