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The August of Rome: the events to make your stay unique in the capital
28 July 2015

The August of Rome: the events to make your stay unique in the capital

While the city of Rome empties continue the cultural events that make the city alive even in August. Music, concerts and theater performances keep company with those who remain in the city and those wishing to visit Rome to spend the summer holidays. Here are some of the initiatives planned for the end of summer in Rome.

Fontanone Estate 2015
Until 6 September, the baroque fountain of the Janiculum hosts for the twentieth consecutive year a series of performances by emerging artists, not just Italians. Dance, theater, music, cinema will star in a location reinvented for various forms of entertainment to which to add seminars and workshops designed to investigate many cultural issues on contemporary drama, national and international level without forgetting the classic pieces of Cinqucento and seventeenth centuries that they have contributed to the history of theater. The program includes concerts devoted to the fountain and theatrical forms they experience new languages from today's media, were introduced in the programming, for this reason, a few pieces of storytelling dedicated to Pasolini and the Monteverde district, and to touch all forms of art films will also be shown on the topics of science fiction.

LungoTevere Expo
Like every year the nightlife in Trastevere moved on the banks of the Tiber. Live music, cocktail shows that follow from Ponte Sublicio to Ponte Sisto. Not just fun and local, but also exhibitions, workshops and installations, literary competitions and theater to experience the pulsating heart of Rome and meet all kinds of fun.

Notti d’estate a Castel Sant’angelo
Until September 7, this event will provide an opportunity to listen to concerts in an exceptional location and attend guided tours that will introduce you to the hidden castle, those that are not usually open to the public. The Passetto, historical Prisons, the Space Heater Clement VII, a real jewel of the early sixteenth century, the bathroom of the Popes will be the stars of the tour with 40 concerts of classical music and jazz to make magical nights of summer in Castel Sant'Angelo.

Globe theatre
Surrounded by Villa Borghese the Globe Theatre presents, in August the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing" A wooden theater, Elizabethan-style host, August 5 to 30, at 21:30 a fable about the power of the word, that becomes the bridge between two different worlds and unknown as that of the world of women and men. An opportunity to experience unique emotions proposals throughout the summer created to make alive the theatrical tradition.

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