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Summer in Rome: what to do with children
21 July 2015

Summer in Rome: what to do with children

To support, together with the children, the heat of summer Rome offers many initiatives that will make the city more livable. Parks, gardens, historical places and events offer the opportunity to enjoy Rome while having fun and learning by offering the ability to make you feel less heat to children staying away from the sea.

Opens in a new wing of the Rome Biopark to host the Tigers of Sumatra, the only opportunity in Italy to see this extraordinary specimen dined to disappear. In Additions to this new attraction you can perform many activities in the cool of the Biopark, on weekends, for example, it is possible to feed the elephant Sofia or attend the lunch of the animals, a pleasant and fun to discover many curiosities and stories on the world of animals.

Readings in the green
On board a vehicle of Italy in 1948 the Association Cultural Center Specializing Boys will travel the streets of the capital to bring adults and children to books and their magical world. Reading aloud in parks, gardens and kindergarten, stories on the latest news that the Italian publishing offers for children and exhibitions related to the themes preferred by children, but also designed to raise awareness of authors and illustrators will cheer the 'summer in Rome.

Villa Ada
It is also the manifestation Villa Ada Meet the World that you can walk in this ancient park and entertain the children with many activities designed for them, some for a fee, others free. Among those activities are provided free food, small paths sports, activities with horses and much more to admire one of the biggest parks in Rome in the shade of its trees and its pond.


Cinema in Trastevere
San Cosimato Squares, in Trastevere, that you can go to the movies under the stars for free. Until August 2 you can also attend to programming for children, Saturday, July 25 is in programming the Walt Disney film: Hercules, while 29 the appointment is with Mulan.

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