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The concert for Labor Day
30 April 2015

The concert for Labor Day

by Annalisa G+

Piazza San Giovanni is preparing, as every year, to welcome the traditional May Concert for Labor Day that will put on stage the most important artists of the Italian music scene and not, for free.

The twenty-fifth edition will be conducted by Camilla Raznovich flanked by eight presenters historical protagonists of past editions. Santamaria, Pannofino, Vincenzo Mollica, Paolo Rossi and Enrico Silvestrin, along with Paola Maugeri and Dario Vergassola will take the stage to present the list of the artists who will perform following a single theme, that of Solidarity and Difference, the themes chosen for this year by the organizers.

J-Ax, Noemi, Bluvertigo, Goran Bregovic, Emis Killa and Alex Britti with PFM, Alpha Blondy and Irene Grandi are just some of the names in the lineup for this anticipated event in May.
The concert will begin at 15:00 p.m. wanted to celebrate Labor Day, a celebration established since 1990 to commemorate the many achievements for over time and now even more so, it wants to be a way to reflect on the evolution of work.

All colors of music will unite for one purpose, rap, reggae, pop, folk and rock up to the rhythms of the metal and electronics will play in one of the most beautiful squares of Rome. You can also follow the event live on TV from 15:00 to midnight on Rai 3.

The official lineup of artists on stage will be confirmed within hours of the concert, they will be joined also the top three winners of a contest for emerging artists organized for the occasion, which was attended by 120 between singers and bands.

A traditional occasion peer spend the bridge of May in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy accompanied by the notes of good music free.

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