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Self-esteem is the trophy of RBS 6 Nations
19 February 2015

Self-esteem is the trophy of RBS 6 Nations

by Annalisa G+

Originally the trophy up for grabs for the winner of the RBS 6 Nations had the will to win. Began February 7 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, the RBS 6 Nations is in full swing. Six Nations in the race playing direct meetings of rugby to win the trophy that will be raised to the sky on the final day to be held on 21 March.
The coveted trophy, raffled since 1993, was won for the first time since France and hides a curious story about its creation.

Many years ago, the players were driven to victory only with the motivation and love for a sport that, only today, starts to win the hearts of sportsman. Originally, no one had ever thought of a trophy for the RBS 6 Nations, because the best goal to reach was fill stadiums.

To report the best participants of the competition had been thought of simple recognition, virtual trophies, like the Triple Crown given to the winning team that, for some years, has been transformed into a silver platter.

After a few years become a teapot with handles depicting cobras made with melted rupees belonging to the cash fund of Calcutta Footbal Club, and that becomes the cup in 1877. With the annexation of France to the tournament set up another virtual cup: the Grand Slam for the winning team in every game, and become the most coveted trophy.

In 1993, when the tournament becomes prestigious, was officially established a real trophy, is turned into a big silver pot on which are tied ribbons designer, the four handles were shortly thereafter changed after the annexation the fifth team, Italy.

In 2015 Thomas Lyte realizes the trophy of the RBS 6 Nations, 7 kilograms of silver that take shape from a hexagonal base, with gold-plated handles and decorated by tapes of the sponsors, the only ones who want a strong real trophy to reward sporting endeavors of the winning team.

Since 1993 has been established, virtually always, the Wooden Spoon award for the worst team of the tournament, the one who loses all the matches of the competition, assigned to Italy for nine times.

The history of the Trophy of RBS 6 Nations says, between the lines, the values of a sport away from the modern logic of sponsors and prizes.

Over the years, the organizers of the tourney and rugby players have never felt the need to materialize a recognition, because the only trophy was proud to participate and win.

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