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Rome: the European Heritage Days dedicated to food
15 September 2015

Rome: the European Heritage Days dedicated to food

On 19 and 20 September Rome celebrates the European Day of heritage, an event promoted by the European Community to re-evaluate the importance of culture in society, and even Rome has chosen to participate in this initiative with special events.

There are special openings of some archaeological sites from 20:00 until midnight to ensure a multitude of cultural events to offer new possibilities of sharing and knowledge.

Continuing the theme Expo has chosen the theme power giving more importance to this issue that had always been an important role in the art and history of our country.

Among the archaeological sites participating in this initiative there are some in the city of Rome, which offer more than a chance to experience the best that history offers.

Central Institute for Graphics
It offers a guided tour to introduce you to the many artifacts and prints protagonist of Italian history called The Cocomeraro of the Trevi Fountain.

National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography 'Luigi Pigorini'
With a conference on September 19 he aims to show how the study of the bones of the ancient Romans can tell all their typical diet.

One of the most beautiful monuments of Rome opens extraordinarily from Saturday, September 19th at 8:30 until the last entry scheduled for 23:45 on Sunday instead you can visit the archaeological site until 17:45.

National Roman Museum at the Baths of Diocletian
The museum wants to delve into the history dell'approviggionamento food by the ancient peoples tracing supply chains and ensuring access of food in ancient Rome

National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo
Saturday until 23:00 and Sunday until 18:30, with reservations required, it will be possible to know the favorite food of the nobles of the Renaissance.

Palazzo Farnese
After 18 months of planning and restructuring opens Farnese Palace to admire the new Gallery of the Carracci; admission is free and requires no reservation.

To see all the initiatives planned for the European Heritage Days 19/20 September 2015 visit the website.

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