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Rome, restored the two gardens of the Quirinale to explore with a guided tour
22 March 2016

Rome, restored the two gardens of the Quirinale to explore with a guided tour

Among the most beautiful green corners of Rome, and recently renovated, there are the Garden of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale and the Garden of Carlo Alberto, two new gardens of the Eternal City recently restored and suggesting new routes, the City of Rome , provides along with a guided tour completely free and by reservation.

Garden of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
In the heart of the Rione Trevi Rome is a garden of six thousand square meters, it was born in the 19th century and built by Giuseppe Rada, but only in 1969 the vegetable garden was opened to the public. The basic structure of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale garden is helical in shape and, around it, were placed boulevards and tall trees, while small flower beds were placed in its central part, the park was originally surrounded by walls that over time have been removed.

The most characteristic part of the garden is given by the special fountains present: travertine slabs, large rocks and pools of the Roman era are the forms that I assume the hidden fountains in the park. Other elements that characterize it are the stairs that surround many of the trees in the garden, chosen to avoid the many uneven ground present.

Garden of Carlo Alberto
It is a short walk from the Garden of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, and covers nearly 7000 square meters and is recognized for his great equestrian bronze statue of Carlo Alberto located inside the villa since 1900.

Il Giardino di Carlo Alberto was designed and set up for the visit of Emperor Wilhelm and to build it, it was necessary to take down two churches and two convents of the sixteenth century.

To decorate the garden were chosen 511 plants of various kinds and, over time were included details of which altered its original structure, were included benches, new avenues for new routes and new types of exotic plants, including the original pond was modified and assumed a different form.

When visiti them?
It's possible to book a free guided tour on line or by calling 06 39 96 75 57, at least five days before the chosen date. Guided tours will be organized for up to 30 people and will last approximately twenty minutes.

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