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Rome presents the Art of Islamic Civilization
30 July 2015

Rome presents the Art of Islamic Civilization

The Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome propose, for the summer exhibition Art of Islamic Civilization. The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait, until 20 September, a collection of 300 works that captures all the charm of colors and styles of the Middle East.

Many objects chosen from original works and important to offer the public one of the most complete in the world that transmit distant traditions, that have withstood all the assaults that involved the country until 1990.

The exhibition was designed to give another face of the Islamic people, that comes from ancient peoples advocates of various forms of art, rich in precious elegance and refinement.

The two faces of an exhibition
The first part narrates the development of the Islamic world, from its origins and was elected an ancient coin collection for to narrate the path of the Islamic world, what part comes from its origins and consolidation of art that becomes autonomous in telling the fantasy worlds, that adorn the courts of the emperors of the sixteenth century.

The second part of art is a tribute to the heart of Islamic civilization with calligraphies, arabesques and gold taking many forms that become witnesses of the best part of the collection Al-Sabah. Crystals, metals, ceramics and other typical objects will make you relive a history spanning 400 years, able to surprise the viewer.

The activities of the exhibition
The Scuderie del Quirinale also offer seminars to learn about and better understand the art and culture of Islam, emphasizing all its details. Films and music will be listened to and viewed and then compare them with the contemporary and have a clear vision of a world full of positive surprises.

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