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Rome: particular location for the Music Festival
26 May 2015

Rome: particular location for the Music Festival

Until June 26 you can watch every week at different shows and concerts in the first edition of the Music Festival at the Mall Euroma2, with eight events to tell the many nuances of the music from all over the world.

Jazz, Latin, folk and lounge will enliven the Mall for a journey to discover the many different types of music that tell stories and traditions of many countries, which rely on the music an important piece of their history.

Friday is the day chosen by the organization to present guests of the Festival from 8:00 p.m. on May 29 will be the turn of the Exo Tique Tique to hear romantic music of various origins: African, Italian, French and brazilian that give new sounds and atmospheres pieces of international success.

June 5 is the Jazz scene with Riccardo Fassi and the Jazz trio "Analog Way" who chose pieces by Lacy and Zappa twist electronics, a game of improvisation to create an experimental sound, a new frontier of Jazz. The Jazz will be offered again next Friday when the Moondance Hot Jazz Band with the voice of Francesca Ciommei accompany the audience on a journey of sounds that depart from the twenties to the forties up to giving a lively atmosphere and engaging.

The last two appointments are for 19 and 26 June when he returns again starring Italian music mixed with sounds and popular Mediterranean with Semilla Music Nomad, while the final evening is dedicated to the Pati Palma Ladies' Trio a chorus of female voices bind various musical styles choir of many voices singing the best of success in international music.

The entire event is free to attend these concerts and music special and fun you can go to the mall and Euroma2 participate in this initiative that combines love for shopping with a love of music.

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