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Rome Marathon: record numbers
10 March 2015

Rome Marathon: record numbers

by Annalisa G+

Sunday, March 22 at 8:50 from Via dei Fori Imperiali start Rome Marathon with its 42 miles of trail that in his 21 years has many members that run to win the medal to be won.

Missing 11 days after the event, the Rome Marathon, this year, is the sporting event of the records as the number of competitors entered which is 15 thousand athletes.

Italians in the race are slightly more than half and the other participants come from 110 different countries and 68 are the disabled members, France has the largest number of athletes participating, 80% of the runner is his first experience, while the remaining percentage is one of the veterans of the Roman race.

The projected path is smooth, but has some changes from last year: an example is the 77 changes of direction and 7.5 kilometers to go on the pavement at various inclines, while you deleted the stretch of path around the Colosseum and in front of the Trevi Fountain because of the scores that would not guarantee adequate support for the athletes involved in the competition.

The Rome Marathon over the years has acquired a fundamental importance for runners professionals who do not want to give up the charm of running the most beautiful attractions, for this has been associated with the official competition "Fun Run", the derby of 5 kilometers that allow you to run one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of Rome as the Capitol, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus, the Pyramid and the Mouth of Truth.

After the race the organization has organized an After Party from 18:30 for those enrolled in the marathon who want to celebrate the achievements at Bar Nur of Rome that will enliven the evening with good food and music.

The partners of the competition provide the participants some facilities such as the Art Card that provides a discount for access to the city's museums and discounts of 5% made available by Air France for flights to Rome, the company air has, therefore, created a site specifically for all participants flying to Rome.

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