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Rome fringe festival to celebrate the Italian independent theater
16 June 2015

Rome fringe festival to celebrate the Italian independent theater

by Annalisa G+

Until July 5 is being one of the most anticipated events of the capital Castel Sant'Angelo that make a great theater to watch the many shows of the Rome Fringe Festival.

Each year the gardens of Castel Sant'Angelo become the wonderful setting for the Festival of Italian most important independent theater, with 100 events to please every type of viewer: from the expert more refined, to families with children who want to share a different experience.

The events of the morning allow you to take part, from, 8:30 to many activities designed for children and open their doors to the ethnic market and Italian, a space created to retrace the Italian culinary traditions and the world, thanks to an exhibition space to meet and get to know different cultures. The evening begins at 21:00, when you can attend the nine performances prepared to stage shows are always different.

Drama, comedy, theater song, Streetart, civil theater, poetry, performances with Clown will create much followed this event comes from Edinburgh, where he works to this event since 1947, and presents works from Italy and from all over the world .

Saturday was chosen to dedicate to particular plays such as, for example, the typical theater of the Risorgimento which is the highest manifestation of sarcasm romensco, but also to the international avant-garde, most notably the American, or the Italian comedy and many auks particularities that the independent theater scene offers.

The Rome Fringe Festival provides free admission to the Gardens of Castel Sant'Angelo to admire the Romaexpo and all the initiatives designed to hours of the day, while attending opera evening the ticket is 5 euro.

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