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Rome exhibits the Baroque Art
09 April 2015

Rome exhibits the Baroque Art

by Annalisa G+

April 1, was presented in Rome the exhibition "Baroque in Rome. The wonder of the arts ", which will remain at the Museum-Palace Cipolla, until July 26 to give life to a project that goes beyond the mere exposure. The works of art on display are only the centerpiece of a series of events designed to enhance the Roman Baroque Art.

The exhibition

Curated by Maria Grazia Bernardini and Marco Bussagli the exhibition aims to expose the baroque style in all facets that Rome preserves. Were chosen new works never seen in Italy: one of the projects of the Bernini Colonnade of St. Peter's Square, the sketches by Bernini assumed for the statues in Castel Sant'Angelo. This opportunity is the best way to present to the public a unique work of Giovanni Lanfranco: "Angels musicians", which is preserved intact and shining even after the fire that involved the Capuchin Church, in Rome, in which it was preserved.

Satellite Events

The exhibition on the Baroque is just the beginning of a project to retrace the milestones of Baroque art that is the protagonist in Rome. The Baroque lives in Rome in many sites and the project aims to revive it through a series of satellite events. Conferences, concerts, guided tours, workshops specialization will be organized during the whole period of the exhibition, the satellite events will end with a spectacular re-enactment in Castel Sant'Angelo during the feast of St. Peter and Paul on 29 June.

Exclusive news

Only during the period of the exhibition the viewer will visit spectacular places and rarely open as the Chapel of the Magi in the Palazzo di Propaganda Fide and the Sala Borromini in Piazza della Chiesa Nuova where is the monumental complex of the Oratory of the Philippines.

Tickets and schedules

Considering the complexity of the event and its countless appointments you can buy various types of tickets, the entire cost of 12 €, reduced for families and groups. There are, in addition to the opening day to 20.00 during the week and until 21:30 on Friday and Saturday, also special openings during the holidays.

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