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Rome celebrates the Oriental Culture
16 April 2015

Rome celebrates the Oriental Culture

by Annalisa G+

Yet again the East is the star of the capital; April 24 to 26 and from April 30 to May 3, the Fiera di Roma hosts the Oriental Culture Festival.

The success of previous editions has led organizers to repeat this extraordinary event for lovers of oriental culture who want to learn and develop the Eastern culture rich in arts and traditions from the suggestive and intriguing nuances.

Photography, culinary experiences of a thousand flavors, ceremonies and traditional performances, music, martial arts will enliven the halls of the Fiera di Roma giving interesting ideas through seminars and conferences on subjects as disparate.

3 Entry

The Fiera di Roma offers three new entrances to plunge into the eastern from multiple dimensions. The entrance to the north, south and east will introduce three pavilions covering a size of about thirty thousand square feet to make room for 150 exhibition spaces.

18 Restaurants

The space available to enjoy the oriental cuisine increases, the most famous cuisines of Japan and China are associated with the Indian, Indonesian and Thai while begin to peep the eastern vegetarian menu. Three thousand seats to taste the dishes of restaurants from Sri Lanka, Himalayas, Syria, Korea, Rajasthan, Bangladesh and many others, came to Rome to introduce new and spicy flavors of a thousand places of the East.

4 Steges

The Festival is a real mix of colors, sounds and scents. Four stages were built to accommodate more than 400 shows where the protagonists are the costumes, the dancing traditions. One way to celebrate in oriental style, elegant, deep and never boring, one continuous festive sounds accompany all hours of the Festival. The Orient Festival reveals not only traditions and cultures, but also news related to many disciplines such as meditation, yoga, but also to alternative treatments such as Ayurvedic, bio-natural and bio-musicals.

3 Appointments

One way to revel in the colors and scents of a universe fascinating and rich traditions that seem to have more appeal in our country. The event is divided into three stages: 24, 25 and April 26, April 30 and the 1, 2, 3 May, you can visit the initiative from 10:30 to 22:30 and the cost of admission is 10 euro.

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