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Rome: a journey through the Forum of Augustus and Caesar
03 September 2015

Rome: a journey through the Forum of Augustus and Caesar

To promote the Imperial Forum and not to forget the charm of an eternal story, until November 1, every night, you can choose two routes to get to know two stories: that of the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar, in the company of Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano.

The Forum of Augustus hides among its stones, an amazing story that you can relive thanks to special effects, music and lights that are focused on the figure of the emperor Augustus and during the imperial era dominated the scene, as evidenced by his statue 12 meters of this in the middle of the Imperial Forums.

A trip to the Forum of Augustus retracing Rome at that time was considered a metropolis with almost one million citizens, regulated by precise laws and a vibrant economic life as well as the unique cultural ferment.

"Viaggio tra i Fori" is a project designed to revive even the Caesar's Forum, starting from the Temple of Venus, the center of political and social life of Rome. Shops, taverns, offices, restrooms, squares and meeting places are revived with its characters and events on.

The itinerary as well as to revive the Roman Empire, focuses on Julius Caesar with his charisma as a politician and culture managed to grab exceptional political powers, even in a crisis situation.

Both archaeological sites will have the proverbial imperial soul thanks to special effects, lights, movies narrated by the voice of Piero Angela that you can listen through headphones offers viewers.

Until November 1, you can attend these two shows, in eight languages, lasting 40 minutes, one of three appointments to 21:00, to 22:00 and the 23:00; shows in the Forum of Caesar, instead, are every twenty minutes, from 21:00 until 24:00 and the length of the route is 55 minutes.

Tickets are charged at 15 euro for a single show, and to attend both routes the ticket costs 25 Euros and can be purchased on-line. Access is also provided for persons with disabilities, who, in the Forum of Augustus will access through appropriate platforms for up to six people with a guide.

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