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Roman summer 2016
05 June 2017

Roman summer

As it happens since 1977, opens the Roman Summer. There are considerable differences with the 80's, where summer events were so few. Now the Roman Summer involves the whole city, in a myriad of events  that allow the Romans and tourists, to have a city that from June to mid-September can give evenings and nights without ever getting bored.

The Roman Summer (Estate Romana) is a famous cultural event organized by the municipality of Rome in several monumental places of the capital since 1977. Born as a strictly cultural phenomenon (a Maxentius projected movie marathons or the famous simultaneous projection screens on eleven eleven different movies), but it is only with the beginning of the 90s that the phenomenon takes off and becomes a mass phenomenon, with events of all kinds, in many parts of the city.

Aided by the fact that the famous vacation for a month and a half is now a dream, the Romans are aware that while remaining much of the summer in the city can (of course in the evening hours) can have a different evening every night, according to their tastes.

And today they range from theater to music, from dance to concerts, the theater to painting, reading, dance, folklore to the sport, and of course eating outside surrounded by music to the simple curiosity to visit the thousands of commercial stands, along the Tiber from Castel Sant'Angelo to the Tiber Island, as well as all 'shadow of the Colosseum, the Garbatella, in Testaccio or in the suburbs. The Estate Romana is everywhere!

Listing all the event is impossible, therefore we refer you to the site of the Roman summer treated by the city of Rome, where you will find the program in 2017. Click here and ... have fun!

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