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Mausoleum of Augustus: a project for restoration
05 May 2015

Mausoleum of Augustus: a project for restoration

by Annalisa G+

The Mausoleum of Augustus in October will have new colors and new spaces that bring him back to its former glory.

The Mausoleum
The square houses the Mausoleum of Augustus, a funerary monument circular dating from the 1st century BC. The gravestone has a diameter of 87 meters built by Augustus for burial of his entire dynasty, but in the 12th century was transformed into a fortress by the Colonna family, and over time became an amphitheater.

After its many uses, during the fascist period he came to be one of the remains belonging to the ancient Romans, after a decree issued by Mussolini in 1932 that led to the demolition of buildings that over time had covered. Today the Mausoleum is located in a hidden corner of Via del Corso is surrounded by modern buildings that fail to hide.

The Restoration Project
The restoration should give a new context to the Mausoleum of Augustus that would give continuity between the ancient and the modern. After the restoration will be possible to review the remains of the mausoleum to its former height and will be brought to light the pavement of the first century AD that has characterized it for years.

The project includes two “cords” that connect the archaeological site at the current level of the city connecting the main features as a way Ripetta, the Church of San Rocco and in the east from Largo Schiavoni. In the southern part of the square it will be built a cafeteria at a level more of the Mausoleum to allow you to admire this ancient place hidden in the modernity of the city of Rome.

Start of work
The beginning of work on the first part of the restoration will begin on October 16 and ends after 600 days, an ambitious project, but that comes to give light to an ancient archaeological site forgotten. The initial project also includes the restoration of the garden around the Mausoleum to revive its traditional structure, but this time you go looking for funding that can make feasible the entire project


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