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It's may the month of the Rome Rose Garden
21 May 2015

It's may the month of the Rome Rose Garden

by Annalisa G+

May is the month of roses in Rome you can honor him with a visit to the Rose Garden, to see more than a thousand copies of roses from around the world, made even more spectacular by panorana the Circus Maximus, which gives this lovely place.

Open from April 21, you can visit the Rose Garden every day, even on Sundays and feast days, until June 14 from 8:30 am until 7:30 p.m and admission is open to all and notIt provides for the cost of entry.

The Rose Garden of Rome located on the Aventine hill, offering one of the most romantic in the world thanks to its views of Rome and the triumph of colors and scents that 1,100 species of rose spread in its 10,000 m².

The Roseto originally, it was not placed on the Aventine, but was set up in 1931 on the slopes of the Colle Oppio, near the Colosseum and was born already with 300 species of plants and two years later it was decided at a premium for the new varieties of roses present, all supervised by the Countess Mary Gayley Senni, but during the Second world War, the rose garden was destroyed.

In 1950 the Rose Garden was built and placed in the current area, in via di Valle Murcia, because it was the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Flora and today has become one of the most beautiful collection of roses from the most ancient to the most modern enclosed in many sectors that tell the story of the rose and the evolution that has suffered over time.

The first section is dedicated to botanical roses and old roses, the first to populate the garden, from all parts of the world they are those that have generated the modern roses. The second section, however, is home to the hybrid roses particular those created by grafting a few years and who are featured in the International Competition "Premio Roma".

Admission is free as well as guided tours that must be booked in advance by calling 06 5746810 or sending an e-mail to rosetoromacapitale@comune.roma.it.

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