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25 October 2017

Halloween in Rome, for young and old

Halloween has now become a cult also in Italy, and on the night of October 31 there are many places where to have fun in the scariest night of the year.
This feast, born in England, was originally a Celtic festival celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of the cold and darkness. Over time the festival has become the present, becoming contaminated with other parties including the Catholic feast of All Saints on November 1st, becoming, starting from the USA, a celebration of consumerism and spread quickly in many countries, including Italy.

In Rome you can visit the first Italian Escape Room inspired by the study of Houdini, in via Bolzano 40, or spend a night at the museum at the Carrozze d'Epoca, or many other events. There are many nightclubs and the locals who will dress theme for this celebration that will make you laugh with fright!

You can get some ideas on how to spend the Halloween night on many web sites, including



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