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Leonardo da Vinci
16 September 2016

Exhibition of Leonardo

In Campo dei Fiori, in the Palace of the Chancellery ... a fantastic interactive exhibition dedicated to the universal genius Leonardo Da Vinci! You will experience the machines he designed and rebuilt according to his drawings, by immersing in a very contemporary past

The museum in fact contain real machines taken from Leonardo's codes, all working, of big size and built with special procedures, made entirely of wood, with which you can interact

The machines are divided into 5 categories. The 4 essentials of life - water, air, earth and fire - to which is added the category "Elements of machines".
You'll be often stunned, as when you will be in front of the Tank full-scale, three meters high, or when you immerse yourself in the virtual trip inside the show in 3D, in the body of your favorite Avatar using an Ipad

Open daily from 9:30 to 19:30

For full info, click here 

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