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Cinecittà World
28 April 2017

Cinecittà World

In your holiday in Rome, you could spend a day at Cinecittà World, an amusement park set in the magical world of cinema, on the grounds of the old film studios of Dino De Laurentis.
You can venture on historic movie sets, enjoy yourself in over twenty attractions set in horror genres, science fiction, history, try virtual reality to get out of the labyrinth, defend Cinecittà World from an alien attack, venturing into the Indian jungle and more, including shows at all the hours, for big and children, events, restaurants, shops and everything that can make your day unique at Cinecittà world.

Located in Castel Romano, a few kilometers from Rome, you can reach it by car taking via Pontina (exit 26) or by a shuttle service from Termini station.

Children under one meter of height come in for free.

For full info visit the Cinecittà World site

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