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Sunday: the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums free
25 August 2015

Sunday: the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums free

On August 30, Rome becomes the ideal destination for those who want to visit the Vatican Museums free. The opening to admire this immense artistic treasure belonging to the papal tradition is from 9:00 to 12:30 and the closure is scheduled for 14:00.

The Vatican Museums were born thanks to Pope Julius II in the 16th century and is today one of the largest in the world which preserves the best of the works of art preserved by the Catholic Church for many centuries, and starring the greatest Italian artists.

The Vatican Museums are a number of museums and collections of various kinds that provide a unique experience: 12 museums which house many pieces of various arts, 5 galleries of beautiful buildings, together with its chapels and its beautiful rooms where frescoes of prestige are the protagonists.

The Vatican Museums are a real treasure that offer a multitude variety of art: the ancient art of the famous group of the Laocoon, the modern art with Giotto and the Renaissance of the Sistine Chapel and not only to end with the works of Caravaggio and Canova, the most important representatives of modern art.

The Vatican Museums, have always been one of the obligatory destinations for visitors to Rome, one of the most visited museums in the city, in 2014 visitors who have chosen to visit this immense artistic papal were about 6 million.

To give everyone the chance to see the best of the Italian Vatican Museums participating in this initiative, which will give you the opportunity to visit for free, just for this occasion you can not book the tour online to skip the line.

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