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The grattachecca of Sora Maria
05 July 2017

The grattachecca of Sora Maria

In the hot summer, Romans and tourists will search a good ice cream to enjoy under the stars, and they could find it easily anywhere. Some of them better than others but...there is a unique place, where from more than 80 years is not a a problem to wait in line  (also one hour at night), to enjoy the legendary "grattachecca" of Sora Maria, that since 1933 helps the Romans to fight the summer heat.

The grattachecca, typical of Rome, is just ice, to which are added syrup and the fruit pieces, for any taste. It is not a slush, it's something different than just tasting you can understand why. And above all the one of Maria Sora will give you  an unforgettable memory of Rome.

Sora Maria (that is Mrs Maria, the word "sora" is a roman term that means "signora" ) died a few years ago, but daughters and grandchildren continue the tradition. From 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. they are a real assembly, the one that breaks the ice, the one who put syrup and the one that put the fruit. And a lot of happyness joy that surrounds this historic kiosk in Rome.

To enjoy a typical Roman summer food, you can not miss a visit to Sora Maria, a few steps from St. Peter's Cathedral, Via Trionfale 37. Renting a B & B in the Vatican area is the easiest, given the great offer of facilities in this area

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