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Vatican Gardens with fountains and trees from all over the world
25 June 2015

Vatican Gardens with fountains and trees from all over the world

The Vatican Gardens are, especially in the summer, a unique moment to admire one of the most beautiful places in Rome capable of synthesizing the beauty of nature with those of art, belonging to the ancient papal traditions.

Twenty-three acres of garden, which for centuries have been the place where generations of Popes have spent moments of meditation and relaxation that between the sixteenth and seventeenth century were adorned with beautiful architecture which have given the Renaissance to this fabulous site. Bramante, Antonio Tempesta, Maggi signed the shrines, fountains and sculptures that decorate the interior garden.

One of the most beautiful fountains, built in 1621, is one of Galera, also celebrated by the verses of Urban VIII and depicting a sailing ship of war with sails, ropes and guns that shoot water, this has been going through three centuries constant changes and revisions.

Over time, orange and cedar sculpted in travertine and decorated with plaster tell the myth of Phaeton, shining beauty of renewed since 2007 after its restoration. The other fountain inside the Vatican Gardens is the Fountain of the Eagle created to celebrate the return of the Acqua Paola in Rome from Bracciano Lake, carved on a small cliff depicting eagles and dragons.

These beautiful fountains are just some of the architectural treasures of the Vatican Gardens punctuated by countless fountains, small temples, remains of ancient walls, small caves and shrines dedicated to Our Lady of the Guard that stand out among a thousand varieties of plants, shrubs, hedges and flowers trees from the various parts of the world.

The Vatican Gardens are divided into three zones, Italian Gardens, the English Garden and the Garden of the Pope, but this is where you can find the headquarters of Vatican Radio, the Vatican train station and the Heliport in addition to offices officers as the Governor's Palace and the State Court.

A route that, once again celebrates the magnificence and beauty of Rome which is preserved as the most beautiful city in many points.

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