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Things to do in Vatican for the faithful
04 August 2015

Things to do in Vatican for the faithful

There are many things to do in Vatican for a faithful, there are many ways to approach the prayer the Pope and God and keep intimate memories of a trip to Rome.

The Vatican is not only a landmark of art and architecture, but it is the reference point for all the faithful who want to gather in prayer and get closer to the Pope.

Participate in the general audience of the Pope
Every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am you can attend hearings of the Pope taking place in St. Peter's Square or in Nervi Hall. The hearings are not the masses, but the meetings that give the opportunity to hear the Pope in the language of the faithful present.

After the meeting there will be the apostolic blessing to all those present. To book tickets, which are free you must write to the Prefecture of the Papal Household 00120 Vatican City, indicating the date of the hearing, the number of participants, the name and their telephone numbers.

Get the Apostolic Blessing on parchment
You can get the Pope's blessing written on parchment to remember a special event, such as baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, ordination, important birthdays and anniversaries. It may require going directly to the offices dell'Elemosineria Apostolic or by letter, to get the scroll you need a month's time and the cost is related to the shipment and the parchment.

Buy photos at the Osservatore Romano
The Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican, offers to all the faithful the opportunity to buy new photos of the Pope in all its moments, by religious events at his official visits, but you also have the possibility to access the historical photo gallery where there are photos of all the popes in history. On the site you can see the photos and fill out an application form that will allow you to receive it at home.

Buy movies from the Holy Father
The Vatican Television Center provides short video news of the Pope, on his daily activities, the hearings and catechesis, on his travels and during his meetings. One way to always have with him a cue to meditate and to pray.

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