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The Vatican Apostolic Library: the treasure of the Universal Church
04 August 2015

The Vatican Apostolic Library: the treasure of the Universal Church

The Vatican Apostolic Library is the treasure of the Universal Church which preserves the centuries old manuscripts and graphics, medals, coins and many art objects as furniture, sculptures and objects that furnish the entire library.

The Origin
The Vatican library appears towards the end of the Eighth Century, but some archives of this period were lost during the various transfers, but with the bourgeois family, in 1891, the library returned to the Holy See.

Around 400 it comes the true story of the modern Vatican Library opened to an audience of connoisseurs of Hebrew manuscripts, shortly after Sixtus IV formalizes the thinking also to decorate the rooms of some painters of the time. With the accumulation of material became necessary to establish a new office entrusted, in 1537, the architect Domenico Fontana in the Belvedere Courtyard.

What's in the library
The library has been able to accumulate, over the centuries, more than a half million prints and modern, 8,000 documents printed with movable type and 65 scrolls and 150,000 manuscripts. Vatican documents are not just the only ones to be preserved, but there are 300,000 coins and medals preserved along with the beautiful objects that furnish the entire structure. One of the greatest treasures is the Codex Vativanus preserved, the oldest and most complete manostritto Bible.

Vatican Secret Archives
The secret archive is the most important part of the Vatican library keeper of the Universal Church, made for the first time in 600 and encompasses 12 centuries of history. The assets of the archive is distributed in 85 kilometers of shelves and become an important research center, landmark of scholars around the world. The angle is the most hidden bunker, built under the courtyard of the pine cone in 1980, a two-story building of reinforced made of 43,000 meters of shelves with a sophisticated system of thermal ventilation to keep all documents.

To enjoy the magnificence of the Vatican Library is possible, during the visit to the Vatican museums, admire the Museums of Vatican library that give the essence of this beautiful treasure. The reading rooms of the library are open from 8:45 to 17:15 from Monday to Friday.

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