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The secrets of the Mouth of Truth
28 May 2015

The secrets of the Mouth of Truth

by Annalisa G+

The Mouth of Truth is one of the symbols of Rome linked to many legends that have made it famous for its ability to predict the future and to expose the liars, its popularity spread around the world especially after the film "Roman Holiday".

Is in the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin to keep this giant face corrugated suspicious and frightening all those who approach it, hiding some terrible secret. Some tell us, in fact, that behind the mask there was a executioner with a sword, capable of cutting the limb turn.

All this began in the Middle Ages, when the mask was used for more people to find hidden truths, the price to be paid was the loss of his hand.

Rome is about a pair of lovers who uses it as a judge to expose a betrayal, and she was the protagonist of the story saving themselves from this merciless judge. The betrayed husband called his wife in front of the Mouth of truth to expose the alleged betrayal, before a curious crowd.

The woman asked to save the lover to kiss passionately in public pretending to be in the throes of an unusual madness and he did. At the crucial moment the woman admitted that she had been kissed by two men: her husband and a madman who kissed her a few minutes before in front of many witnesses, the husband so that he could not trust the oracle and his wife and returned to be a man in love and happy.

This huge face seems to have a double origin architectural some think is a manhole, other given the size coverage of a well. The first hypothesis is supported by the fact that in ancient Rome it was thought that there were underground river gods capable of sucking rainwater for this manholes were carved as if they were intended. Others think that the Mouth of Truth is the top of the sacred well located in the Temple of Mercury used by traders to turn their honesty.

In 1632 this mask depicting probably the face of a deity was walled atrium of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin and now a favorite destination for tourists who want to test themselves.

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