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The prospect magical of St. Peter Dome
04 August 2015

The prospect magical of St. Peter Dome

The dome of St. Peter's, with its many optical effects never fails to impress, there is a way to Rome gives you another magic symbol Vatican.

Not to miss this experience you must go to Via Niccolò Piccolomini, near the Appian way, to see the dome from another point of view. Along the way and looking at the dome happens that the closer you get the more Cuppolone seems to recede, if you back off the dome looks bigger and closer.

This is another optical effect given by the dome of St. Peter's thanks to the arrangement of the buildings and the particular point of view. Nobody can explain how this is possible.

The dome of St. Peter's is the finest example of Renaissance and Baroque architecture designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti and ended only after 16 years after his death and has been a project that has undergone constant changes far removed from the initial design.

The dome is supported by 4 huge pillars so as to contain a large church, the double shell that forms the structure of the dome has, within it, the path leading on the top lit with natural light through small windows obtained in the dome. At the top is placed a lantern topped by chandeliers and a ball with a cross. This sphere is made of bronze and gold plated and up to the years of Novecento was accessible to visitors.

Inside the beautiful dome protagonists are four evangelists represented by a beautiful mosaic in a strip joining the plumes there are engravings from the Gospel according to Matthew. In the oculus around us we are painted bright 8 heads of angels and God the Father and away toward the surface you can see about 96 figures decorating the entire dome.

The dome of St. Peter's is a unique example of architectural building that was the example of architectural genius that reaches us after years of its construction.

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