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The 5 characters most famous of Alberto Sordi
24 February 2015

The 5 characters most famous of Alberto Sordi

by Annalisa G+

Rome, February 24 remember the symbol of roman cinema: Alberto Sordi, who died in 2003. The “Big Alberto” was a comedian Roman was able to represent the characters typical of Italian culture, with strengths and weaknesses .

50-year career and 151 films for cinema and television were to Alberto Sordi a way to tell the fears, thoughts and habits of the Italians of past generations. The characters of Alberto Sordi most appreciated by the Italian people and the best known are five:

1. Nando Mericoni: star of the film "An American in Rome" of 1954, a film that tells a passionate character of American culture that wants to live in Rome as if it were in America.

2. Oreste Celletti: the story of an unemployed person after many adventures can find work as a traffic officier and begins to take revenge on all the abuses suffered until then.

3. Marchese del Grillo is the name of the movie and the character was born in 1980. And the story of a noble playful Onofrio del Grillo who knows his doppelganger and uses it to make fun of the aristocracy.

4. Guido Tersilli: is the "Medico della Mutua" a medical graduate who chooses the national health fund to start earning quickly. The fortune puts him in front of a famous Dr. Bui, very old, with many patients still try to cheat in a fun way.

5. Remo Proietti protagonist of the third episode of the film "But where do you go on vacation". The man and his wife Augusta leave for a vacation organized by their children. The couple is typical Roman who finds himself living a cultural holiday with difficulty and irony.

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