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Rome Underground
18 July 2017

Discover the soul of Rome, the Rome underground

Since the ancient times, people have sought refuge in underground, hidden from the eyes to escape the enemy, or to shelter from the weather, or to rest their dead. So if there were human settlements there are certainly places underground. And who better than Rome, with its almost 3,000 years of history, can have not only underground shelters and tombs, but also the same constructions, over which was built over a century after century?

Above the ruins has been built several times, layer by layer. Some of these places can be visited, others only explored with specific techniques and equipment, others, perhaps most, are not yet known. And those detected are often unknown also to the Romans.

The "underground Rome" (Roma sotterranea) is an organization that wants to give tourists and student and a specific point of departure to discover the underground places of historical, artistic and archaeological sites, to discover the secret soul of Rome. Underground Rome.

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