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Rome: Restyling of Torre Argentina
25 March 2015

Rome: Restyling of Torre Argentina

by Annalisa G+

After the Colosseum and Trev's Fountain, Torre Argentina is preparing for the restoration that will bring back to its former glory, from October 30, 2015.

The new project will make this archaeological site viable and after work you can walk on its original flooring age of Domitian and become accessible also the heart of the site: the Area Sacra.

The Arcus Spa has provided funds that will give back to force one of the most picturesque sites of Rome to observe it and see up close, its details that have been preserved from the era Republican until we shine a new light.

The temple of the Goddess Fortuna, the area in front of the temple of the goddess Feronia, flooring, some walls and green areas will all be refurbished without affecting the artistic details that made it charming and authentic.

Torre Argentina has always been the archaeological site of the eternal city more complex due to the superposition of the structures that have failed to highlight every single feature of this complex of buildings. Have been entrusted to the provisional names to the remains of temples: the temple of Juturna, temple of Fortuna and the temple of Feronia Lari Permarini.

The restoration project was intended to enhance an area that means a lot to Rome and that you add to a project of enhancement of archaeological sites which in recent years have been highly appreciated by Italian and foreign tourists who need to have the opportunity to meet in Rome beautiful all its details.

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