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Rome and the most 6 beautiful sunsets
12 February 2015

Rome and the most 6 beautiful sunsets

by Annalisa G+

The beauty of Rome is not only given by its splendid monuments and history, but it is the Italian city where you can see the most beautiful sunsets. There are some fantastic sights in Rome in which to wait for the sunset and watch the colorful city from a wonderful light.

Gianicolo: the hill is located halfway between the Vatican and Trastevere, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and allows you to see the domes of the most beautiful churches in the city and looking up you can see the Alban Hills.

Pincio Terrace: the sun sets on the structures of the baroque city and the best thing is the steps of Trinità dei Monti which allows access to the terrace and admire the twin churches of Piazza del Popolo and the obelisk Flaminio.

Zodiac: near Monte Mario, a favorite among lovers of Rome, who like to sit on the wall of the terrace and pamper themselves yourself while the reddish light of sunset colors the whole panorama. breathe in the romantic air in the street “Vialetto degli Inamorati” where you can stroll enjoying a unique view.

Orange Garden: on the Aventine one of the most elegant neighborhoods of the capital and it hides among the lights of dusk a secret that the dome of St. Peter's is visible from a lock of a door, really something that I think is not visible in any other part of the world.

Dome of St. Peter's: a climb of 320 steps that lifts and worth the climb to embrace, with a look, the whole town with its historic buildings that give pieces of history and art.

Vittoriano: accessible by a lift by 40 meters high will give the opportunity to seize the heart of Rome in one glance gives the opportunity to admire the sun gives way to night.

A romantic journey of Rome offers one way to discover the most beautiful city in Italy.

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