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Ludus Magnus: the gym of the Roman gladiators
01 October 2015

Ludus Magnus: the gym of the Roman gladiators

The Gladiators, are always the protagonists that made Rome great, and it is still possible to discover the places that welcomed them and made them one of the historical figures of reference. Today you can visit, near the Colosseum their gym that seemed almost a barracks called Ludus Magnus.

The gym of the gladiators was built dal'Imperatore Domitian, to house the athletes during workouts, along with four other barracks destroyed by the famous fire that struck Rome during the reign of Nero. What we see today are the remains of a second restructuring of the Ludus Magnus took place on the orders of the Emperor and brought to light they are comparably in 1937.

The structure, originally, was rectangular, surrounded by a portico with columns carrying within 14 cells of twenty square meters designed to accommodate two gladiators. At the center of this structure it was built a small amphitheater which occupied the inside of the outer courtyard, while the underground roads leading directly to the Coliseum.

It's was restored one of the four fountains triangular, they were initially placed on all sides of the structure while the porch made of travertine columns was decorated by many statues of ancient gods, which were meant to protect them.

The Ludus Originating
Domitian decided to build four barracks: in addition to the Ludus Magnus ancient Rome had the Ludus Dacicus: designed to house prisoners who returned from battles in Dacia, Ludus Gallicus for gladiators from Gaul and finally the Ludus Matutinus harboring only the gladiators, they used to fight with animals.

Where is it
The Ludus Magnus is located within walking distance of the Flavian Amphitheatre, but initially the structure was very wide, took up most of the Rione Monti, hill between Colle Oppio and Esquilino district.
The entrance of this beautiful example of Roman history is in via Labicana and reservation is required to visit.

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