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12 July 2017

Globe Theatre of Rome

From 2003 in the middle of the charming Villa Borghese, almost camouflaged in the natural environment, there is the Globe Theatre, an "Elizabethan theater" made of wood (wood from managed forests and reforested), that each year, from July in September, hosts the plays of Shakespeare.

The structure of the Globe traces in full what was the structure of the early English theaters built after that were banned in 1574 theatrical performances in public places. This led to some theaters, characterized by the peculiar structure present even in the Globe Theatre Rome: circular roof that covered only the perimeter of the building, which is above the balconies, where spectators could sit at a cost of 2 pennies. Those who could not afford it, sat at the foot of the stage (1 penny), where there was no cover and were exposed to the rain. Above the stage there was a sort of balcony where the musicians were sitting or used in case of scenes on two levels as could be for example in the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet

And all this lives in the center of Rome, in the most beautiful park in Rome. Every summer the theater is crowded, and allows you to enjoy a special evening away from city noise and very close to the sensations they felt the British spectators in front of the plays of William Shakespeare

For information about programming and how to book visit http://www.globetheatreroma.com


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