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Orange Garden
29 June 2017

The Orange Garden

Savello Park, better known as Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Garden), built in 1932, is, together with the Pincio, the Gianicolo and the Zodiac, one of the most scenic views in Rome, surrounded by loving oranges.
Set in the middle of one of the most famous hills in Rome, the Aventino,  between the churches of S. Sabina, S. Anselmo and S. Alessio, is a perfect photographic set for the many couples who marry in one of these churches .
The current garden was realized in 1932 by Raffaele de Vico, after which, with the new urban definition of Aventino, in the area that the Dominican fathers of the nearby church held in garden, was intended to be used as a public park, so to offer free access to the view from that side of the hill.

The garden, planted with oranges, with reference to the orange near which  S. Domenico (founder of the order,) was used to pray,  kept in the nearby cloister of S. Sabina and visible through an open hole in the wall of the church's porch, known as the hole of the door lock, received from de Vico a rigidly symmetrical setting, with a midway aisle on the board with the lookout

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