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Coppedè Neighborhood: the secret of Rome
26 February 2015

Coppedè Neighborhood: the secret of Rome

by Annalisa G+

Colosseum, Piazza Navona and Trevi’s Fountain are the traditional sites of the eternal city that outshine those corners able to tell a small part of the history of Italy, one of these is the district Coppedé.

This particular neighborhood is a real set of styles, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco that mixes with the baroque art and the medieval, Gothic and artistic elements. Gino Coppedè is the architect who gave life to this corner of Rome, between Via Nomentana and Via Salaria, featuring villas and palaces cut glitzy and curious for a blast from the past, between 1913 and 1926.

A bridge from "the big arch" of a thousand decorations connects two buildings and is considered the triumphal entry of the district, that has a unique feature a wrought iron chandelier in the center of the arc. The chandelier has asymmetrical details that enrich architecturally this element of particular importance, given the location and the original idea.

The prominent component of the neighborhood is only the prelude to a set of particular use in buildings, in the decoration of palaces, fountains and small towers with stucco style baroque, medieval and liberty that excel in the atmosphere of this quiet corner of Rome timeless. The entrance to the district introduces Piazza Mincio starring the Fontana delle Rane, built in 1924 features 12 frogs and 8 figures supporting a large shell and in the center originates a second tank that rises to about two meters.

The main square is surrounded by many buildings, but the most characteristic are the Palazzina del Ragno and the Villino delle Fate with their abundant decoration. The Palazzina del Ragno is so named because of a large spider on the main facade, which recalls the style Babylonian. Instead the Villino dele Fate is the result of an architecture asymmetric interlaced with decorative elements reminiscent of the women, the medieval style is made harmonious by the use of different materials: marble, glass and travertine and other blend result for a unique artistic and curious.

The atmosphere was great and evocative of Coppedè exudes charm and curiosity from all its buildings and is far from the classic logic towns, so it was often used as a natural set of various films and television programs such as feature of horror director Dario Argento and other films Gassman.

The Coppedè district is one of the most secret corners of Rome, a hidden treasure in Trieste district that shows the immensity art of a city that did not stop the works of the ancient Romans.

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