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Centrale Montemartini: the art of old machinery
02 July 2015

Centrale Montemartini: the art of old machinery

Began in 1997, the mutation of what was Giovanni Montemartini thermoelectric plant, an environment that is beginning to be a museum to become the finest example of industrial archeology in Rome.

A place where old machinery used to generate energy frame protagonists of the classical statues and unearthed from the excavations of the century. The first exhibition in 1997, "The machines and the gods" designed to emphasize this mixture has become, over time, a permanent section of the museum with beautiful pieces of the collection coming from the Capitoline Museums.

The lobby, the Boiler Room, the pillared hall and the engine room of the power station are the backdrop for thematic routes where the characters are animals, warriors, famous women and women told by poetry, music and theater to Dionisio and in its wake. The exhibition of the statues was ordered to relive the stages of the city of Rome in the Imperial Era emphasizing special events too often forgotten as the hunting scenes depicted in a huge mosaic.

The engine room where turbines, steam boilers and diesel engines after restoration welcome unmistakable art nouveau objects embellished with white marble and carved witnessed a charm of an ancient Rome. Within the Centrale Montemartini you can find some of the statues that decorated the temple of Apollo Sosiano, you can see the Goddess Fortuna, from Torre Argentina and the muse Polyhymnia thoughtful are the finest masterpieces of this archaeological site which enhance industrial greatness Rome.

The Centrale Montemartini is one of the projects designed to recover an area away from the center of Rome, but it tells the story of a Rome that changes, a hook between past and future that has helped make the art and Roman architecture even larger.

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