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Illegal B&B? No thanks!
06 October 2016

Illegal B&B? No thanks!

Often, too often, talking to users who contact us to book a B&B or an apartment in Rome, we realize that there are many accommodations with very low prices, too low. A lot of times they tell us to be literally fled overnight from B & B to be defined "hell", threatened by the owners for not wanting to pay for the entire period booked in that hovel.

We have always implemented our fight to the illegal , refusing accommodation not legal or with  "suspicious" behavior (reported on the internet) in visitor management.
There are a lot of police operations to hunt these accommodations that have reached the number of 5,000 (five thousand!). And even these days he is back (finally) to speak.

We refer to a host of B & B without permits (mostly concentrated in the Termini area, Esquilino, Monti) where they do not meet the sanitary standards. They requires the city tax that is not paid to the City (because really, should pay only who is in good standing with the permissions), they offer horrible bedrooms,little and dirty, presented on the internet with fake photos , they move tourists from one accommodation to another one (equally nasty) as if they were pawns in a chess board . They don't  report to the police the presence of the guest (as would be required by law), violating all the rules on public safety and anti-terrorism. There are entire buildings operated by non-EU (presumably employed by organized crime) who rent apartments, paying them a lot of money, turning it all into real hotel of the lowest level, gaining dozens of rooms out of the norm, with hygienic situations beyond the boundaries of decency, jeopardizing the health of the guests and the stability of the same buildings, placing bunk beds (prohibited), practicing ultrapopolari prices and evading taxes completely.

Some tourist contact our call center and ask us to pay 15 Euros per person in a double room in the center of Rome, we know that we can not satisfy them, and that will certainly be prey to these illegal accommodations, which will easily find on very famuos websites.

We always try to make people understand that there are minimum prices below which a normal accommodation, legal, can not go down, otherwise it would not be able to cover all the cost. But we come up against the wall of the struggle at the lowest price, a struggle in which we have no interest in entering, always trying to offer our customers regular accommodation, clean, comfortable, equipped with all comforts and why not ... with a good price or also luxury ...

Because receiving a distress call (even at night, by e-mail, as it happened) to be popped in a accommodation "ghost" or real but dilapidated, is not a good advertisement to the world of B & B and holiday homes, that are our job.

We publish this with the hope that the fight to illegal accommodation start also from tourists, and not only from the police repression that have as their only weapon the complaint by anonymous or desperate tourists.

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