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5 beautiful bridges in Rome
19 May 2015

5 beautiful bridges in Rome

by Annalisa G+

Among the most modern, the first built, among those become the symbol and the most elegant are five most beautiful bridges of Rome that tell the stories of the different periods of the city.

Ponte Milvio
It is the bridge of Rome became a symbol for all lovers of Rome and Italy, and was built to keep Via Flaminia. Called by the Romans "Ponte Mollo", because during the floods of the Tiber was the first to be submerged by the waters, was originally built in wood in 110 BC, and in 1805 Valadier took care of its restoration, building two arches at the end of the bridge . Ponte Milvio is remembered mainly the battleground between Constantine and Maxentius, an ancient legend has it that Constantine had a vision of the Cross led him to embark on this historic battle.

Ponte Sant’Angelo
Is one of the most beautiful spots in Rome, built in 134 by Hadrian to access his Mausoleum: Castel Sant'Angelo. Used in the past to expose the bodies of executed prisoners, in 1535 Pope Clement VII he carved statues of St. Peter and Paul to be placed at the beginning of the bridge, after a short time were included the statues of the four evangelists and patriarchs.
It was not until 1669 to see the result of the work of Bernini, who thought to sculpt statues of angels and who elected the most beautiful bridge in Rome.

Ponte Flaminio
Is one of the last bridges of Rome, built during the fascist period and thought by Brasini, the sculptor thought initially triumphal arches, but Mussolini who served as supervisor modified the initial project. The bridge Flaminio is distributed on 5 arches occupying a length of nearly 260 meters, made of concrete with a coating of travertine that characterizes a snow-white color. The sidewalk that arises on both sides of the bridge has the cylindrical columns on which are placed the statues with eagles and streetlights.

Ponte Fabricio
It is the oldest bridge of the city and connects the Tiberina's island in Trastevere and is characterized by many incisions on his path. The flooring of the bridge is of travertine, while the tuff and bricks are the materials chosen for the foundations of the bridge.
The bridge is called the Bridge of 4 leaders to remember an old story diatribes born during the restoration work of the architects who participated and who were beheaded by order of the Pope. To commemorate this episode it was built a monument don four heads and a single body embedded in a block of marble.

Ponte della Musica
To cross the bridge of music you have to arrive in the heart of Flaminio and is different from all the other bridges in Rome because of its shape and the materials used: reinforced concrete and steel. Opened only in 2011, after two years, he was dedicated to the maestro Armando Trovajoli, pianist and conductor symbol of Italian music. After a competition at the international level the bridge project was entrusted to a firm of architects in London that he thought with a bridge exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists and only after a few years he was granted access to the bridge also to put public transport.

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