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Ghosts of Castel Sant'Angelo

Ghosts of Castel Sant'Angelo

Between 10 and 11 September on the bridge of Castel Sant'Angelo appears the ghost of Beatrice Cenci, a noble Roman forced to suffer the abuses of the father and convicted of his murder.

08 February 2018

Halloween in Rome, for young and old

Halloween has now become a cult also in Italy, and on the night of October 31 there are many places where to have fun in the scariest night of the year.

25 October 2017

Unmissable Marilyn - Woman, legend, manager

The legend of Marilyn Monroe comes to Rome, an exhibition featuring hundreds of memorabilia from his private life, objects, photos, manuscripts, to enter in Norma Jean's world. Until November 5 at the Rome Examination ...

18 September 2017
Real bodies

Real bodies: the back!

From September 30th, after a lot of controversy, reopens Real Bodies, an incredible show at Guido Reni District of Rome. Real Bodies is a fascinating journey through our primary, extraordinary wealth: the human body...

23 August 2017
nasoni of Rome

The nasoni of Rome

Wandering through the streets of Rome, you can quenching your thirst at any time of the day in a totally free way thanks to the historic "nasoni" (big noses) of Rome

08 August 2017
Globe Theatre Rome

Globe Theatre of Rome

Since 2003, the Globe Theatre in Rome, in the summer theater season, allows you to relive the atmosphere of the English theater of 1500.

12 July 2017
The grattachecca of Sora Maria

The grattachecca of Sora Maria

Do you want to taste something typically Roman to regenerate yourself from the Roman summer heat? You can not lose the grattachecca of Sora Maria ...

05 July 2017
Orange Garden

The Orange Garden

Savello Park, better known as the Orange Garden, built in 1932, is one of the panoramic views of Rome, with a splendid view of the Aventine, surrounded by orange trees.

29 June 2017
Serratura San Pietro

Saint Peter seen from the hole of a door lock

On the Aventino, among the most famous Churches of Rome and the Orange Garden, you will enjoy an unusual view, looking out of the hole in the door lock of the Priory of Knights of Malta.

13 June 2017
Roman summer 2016

Roman summer

Opens, as every year, the Roman Summer, to experience the city in its many manifestations from June to September. The summer evenings in Rome will be unforgettable!

05 June 2017
Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World

Just a few kilometers from Rome, a fantastic theme park "cinema" with over twenty attractions and shows in any hour, among horror, historic, western, fantasy and much more atmospheres!

28 April 2017
Game on 2.0

Game on 2.0

After London, Helsinki, Chicago, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Tokyo comes to Rome, for the first time in Italy, the exhibition that has captivated more 3.4 million visitors worldwide.

13 March 2017
U2 Roma 2017

July 2017: U2 in Rome!

Sold out for the two dates July 15 - 16 at the Olympic Stadium for U2! The Irish band is back with The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, thirty years after the earthquake that caused at the Flaminio stadium

27 January 2017
Ice skating

Ice skating in Rome

For lovers of ice skating Rome offers a series of trails in various parts of the city, to allow hours of entertainment with your friends.

04 January 2017
City Lego

City Lego

An unmissable event for all ages: The city Lego! The largest city in the world built with Lego bricks. Until 29 January at the Guido Reni district in Rome

16 December 2016
Christmas Rome

Christmas markets in Rome

As all the years, Rome offers a lot of Christmas events, markets, exhibitions, tastings and with the novelty of the house of Santa Claus at the Castle of Lunghezza

21 November 2016
Star wars - play

Star Wars - Play

at Complesso del Vittoriano, from 28 October 2016 to 29 January 2017, the exhibition on the saga that has captivated three generations, to tell a world and characters that have seduced since 1977: Star Wars - Play!

09 November 2016
Festival del Cinema di Roma 2016

Rome Film Festival 2016

13-23 October, the Rome Film Festival, now in its XI edition. As every year, in the spectacular setting of the Auditorium a broad and stimulating program of screenings, meetings, tributes, events, conventions.

13 October 2016
Illegal B&B? No thanks!

Illegal B&B? No thanks!

The fight to illegal B & Bs and holiday homes in Rome should start right from the tourists, too often attracted to too low prices, that hide nightmarish situations

07 October 2016
Leonardo da Vinci

Exhibition of Leonardo

An interactive exhibition dedicated to the universal genius Leonardo Da Vinci! You will experience the machines he designed and rebuilt according to his drawings, by immersing in a very contemporary past

16 September 2016
murales Roma

Murals of Rome

Rome offers an attractive alternative tour who will accompany you through the beautiful street art of the capital, the murals

19 August 2016
Rainbow Magicland

News and events in August in Magicland!

New events and new emotions at the Rainbow Magicland! The Virtual Coaster, the protagonists of Ice Age, the white night of August 26 and much more!

16 August 2016
Safari night Bioparco

Safari night at the Bioparco

Three dates in September for the charming night safari at Rome's Biopark. On 2, 9 and 16 September, immersed in the magical atmosphere of the night, you will leave for an exciting night guided visit, to observe nature ...

05 August 2016
Masterpieces of Japanese Buddhist sculpture

Masterpieces of Japanese Buddhist sculpture

From 29 July to 4 September, for the first time in Italy the Japanese Buddhist culture in 35 works that will speak to the heart about hate, calm, understanding, fear and so much more

28 July 2016
Roma Caput Lucis 2016

Roma Caput Lucis 2016

Roma Caput Lucis 2016, a fantastic challenge of fireworks, on the rhythm of the music, from 21 to 23 July at the Hippodrome Capannelle

18 July 2016
Rome pop Macro

The pop soul of Rome of the '60s

The pop soul of Rome of the '60s, at the MACRO Museum of Rome, through the works of artists from the School of Piazza del Popolo, including paintings, sculptures, photos and documentaries. Rome as you've never seen!

13 July 2016
July plays good

"July plays good" at Rome Auditorium

Also this year many international artists will perform at Auditorium of Rome in the open area of the Cavea. With the news ... July sounds good for children!

17 June 2016
Roma estate Tevere

Music, art, foods and shopping along the Tiber

From June to September do not miss the Roman Summer on the Tiber, between music, cinema, theater, art, exhibitions, clubs and restaurants along the banks of the Tiber from Ponte Sisto to Ponte Sublicio.

10 June 2016
Free museums Rome

Free museums in Rome!

Take the opportunity to visit for free more than 25 museums and archaeological sites of Rome. The first Sunday of each month Rome welcomes you with open doors!

27 May 2016
An open air museum: Villa Torlonia

An open air museum: Villa Torlonia

Discover all corners of Villa Torlonia. A park hidden in the heart of nomentano able to tell many stages in the history of Rome.

08 October 2015
Diabolik protagonist of Romics Rome

Diabolik protagonist of Romics Rome

He arrives in Rome the eighteenth edition of the International Fair Romics Comics and, this year dedicated to a beloved hero.

22 September 2015
Rome prepares the Extraordinary Jubilee

Rome prepares the Extraordinary Jubilee

Rome prepares for the extraordinary Jubilee announced a surprise for December 8 from Pope Francis. Discover the routes planned for pilgrims.

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